Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life from Indy

The church was hosting the Leadership Summit from Willow. There was lots of activity and people there. it was cool to see so many people taking advantage of the conference. I always wonder how much people take in and utilize once they leave. It is such an intense time and so much information to soak in.

Anyway, things are coming together on the job here. i have had some set backs that hopefully will be resolved early next week. so i should be headed home middle of the week.

I am hoping to sneak up to MI to visit the becca before school starts. 8th grader? man, i am feeling my age.

Still looking for suggestions on good books to read. pass on the information - its ok to...

more later

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Steve Deur said...

Good books to read...


Here is a list:
> Simply Christian by NT Wright - great theological book on Christianity.

> Everything belongs by Richard Rohr - good book on the life of contemplative prayer.

> A tale of three kings by Gene Edwards - great quick read that speaks to the heart of leading and following.

> Secrets in the dark by Frederick Buechner - compilation of sermons from this master wordsmith/writer/pastor.

These are just some good books that are Christian living/understanding focussed.

I am reading "The Idiot" by Fyodor Dostoevsky for fun (fiction) and I really enjoy it. (Once you keep the names straight.)

Anyways that is my three cents.

your pal,