Thursday, August 09, 2007

well from Indianapolis

yikes has it really been that long?

so much has happened. becca came to visit for alot of the summer. man it was great to see her. i miss her. her laugh, her comments... just hanging out. Waking up and making becca breakfast. it is amazing the things u miss. There are times i wonder if this was the right decision. especially right now. i am in a hotel room trying to wind down. i have been here almost 2 1/2 weeks programming an AV system. brainbusting work.

I wish my family and friends in Michigan. Don't get me wrong..i am making a life for myself here. it really boils down to i am tired of starting over. I spent most of my adult life in GH. Great and deep relationships are there. now i know those relationships will always be there. it is the fact i miss them.

Anyway, out of the pity pot (as my ex-mother in law would say). Things are good. It is hot here. although on that note, it is way hotter in OKC. heh heh heh.

Have u seen the new simpsons movie? i was not impressed. thoughts?

Becca is reading the Harry Potter book. she keeps me up to date on who is getting bumped off. i need to do more reading. i currently read alot of AV related stuff and current events. Any good books people are reading? let me know. i would love to dive into a good book.

Well thats all for now. check in later



Steve Deur said...

We miss you too.
But, I'm excited for you at the same time.

Soooo cool that miss Becca could hang with you. I didn't see the Simpsons, but I did see Bourne Ultimatum - which totally rocked.

Anyways have a great day and welcome back to the blog!

C-Man said...

the deurty man,
thanks for the encouragement. it has been tough.

you are my king. (with a small "k")