Saturday, January 17, 2004

Saturday afternoon and it is snowing in Michigan....can you believe it. Saturdays for me are a time of reconnection. I intentionally slow the pace for at least one day a week. I get up, have some reading & prayer time (oh yeah and coffee). My daughter rolls out of bed later. She then puts the request of the day toghether. I like to take segments of the weekend and let her be in charge - not too much but enough for her to feel valued. She then rquests breakfast. At first this time was pretty quick. But now, she has figured out how it works. She pretty much orders and I cook it. Now she actually is helping cook the meals. Which has been great too.

We had lunch today with a dear friend. His name is jeff. I will ask permission to use his name later. He is the modern day Job in my opinion. It is always amazing the things God has done in and thru his life.

Today we were reviewing his day. With all the snow, he has been very busy as his job relates to the road and safety. These get up very early and take of business in our area and the roads. I am reminded how blessed we are to have people in the county step up and take care of business.

Tomorrow we continue our Story Tellers series. Should be excellent.


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