Thursday, January 08, 2004

Back in the saddle again. Holidays were good. I spent some great time with my daughter and family. It is amazing!

Because I had some down time, I started thinking about life changing relevant material. For example, Which super hero is the most useless? There are several candidates. Wonder Woman (no offense to the female gender). I mean lets face it. Her only weapons - wrist bracelets, lasso, and invisible plane. Ok the bracelets can only reflect bullets. When used, the lasso makes a person tell the truth. And the invisible plane. Two problems - 1) how do you find it? and 2) why do you see her flying in the plane while in the air?

Honestly, I think the most useless one is Captain America. Ok cool costume, great voice and the shield. Now lets look at this a minute. He has no real super powers. So he cannot fly, see thru things or mind control. So for a moment, lets look at what would happen if some crisis happened overseas. So we would see Captain America take a taxi to the airport. Then he would have to check his luggage and the shield. Now we are on the plane. And again lets say a terrorist tries to take over the plane. Hey great I am sitting next to Captain America!!! Only then you realize he check his shield!

Too much time on my hand?

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