Monday, January 31, 2005

ok has been a week

well, the weekend came and went.

the moto crew work at a SLWC event this weekend. They are raising money for camp. On Monday, Becca committed to help. I think that is cool. But later in te week, Becca's mom and i decided Becca should not go to this retreat. Lots of reasons, mostly having to do with her age. Anyway, we decided she is not going. I picked up Becca on friday thinking she would not go to the SLWC event. She was so excited about serving even though she is not going to camp. Then Friday night she tells me she wanted to go back Saturday morning. So she hung out and worked Saturday morning with Wally and the gang. I cannot tell you the joy it brings to me to see her engage. It is cool.

Sat. afternoon was spent at a b-day party. She was exhausted. So she was not in the best mood for the party. And she went to bed eariler Sat. night.

Steve D. is the Man. Man, he did a great job yesterday. Steve T. is an iron man. After spending Sat. violently sick, he was at the gathering. Nate S. and Wally -- rock solid! and of course Mike M. -- worship was great yesterday. Speaking of which, I was playing in band. Whitey says to me right before the 1st gathering -- Cue Allison when she needs to get up and read. Allison was reading a passage of scripture during one of the songs. Um Yeah. Good things she is a smart reliable on the spot person -- because as you can guess, i was involved in the music and sure enough i forgot to cue. But all went well.

And last night was life group -- Gooch was missing -- some job related R5 thing. Group is always good. I walk away having gained something.

Well, gotta get ready for programming....

a proud father

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