Friday, December 12, 2003

Contrary to what was said in someone else's blog (steve thompson), I write my own blogs......

For those who do not know, I have been on a journey for quick some time. I accepted Christ at the age of 16. The life before Christ is an interesting conversation. A discussion we can discuss at some other point. Shortly after accepting Christ, I went to an encounter weekend at a christian college. During this weekend, I had experienced a encounter with God like none other. At this time, I felt God was calling me into a full time ministry position; a place to serve Him with my life. Now we can debate whether that was bad pizza or God until the cows come home. I believe it has been God in relentless pursuit of me.

At this point in this conversation, I need to expand. I believe it is God's greatest desire that every man, women and child to be in right relationship with Him. What does that mean? Do we have enough time to discuss and review? More on that later.

Honestly, I got scared. I ran from God in so many instances. I could see where and how God was calling me gently. Yet, I ran away. There are probably many reasons for that. Lack of confidence in God and myself mostly. It took a major crash - emotional, physically, financially - to make me stop and see that this is the right path - journey - for me.

As I get more confidence, I will expand on all of these subjects. What I can say right now is do not run away from God - run to Him!

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