Thursday, December 11, 2003

Good evening. I am still working out the bugs on this Blogger thing. My daughter, Becca, and I picked up a Christmas tree today. Christmas will be a little different this year. Three and a half weeks ago I was layed off from my job. Long story there, but I do get unemployment benefits. It sucked going to the unemployment office for the first time - EVER. I feel like I am in a wait and see mode. Thank God I have been interviewing. Most have said they will not make a decision until the first of the year. Again, another suck point. I am encouraged through because I feel like God is running me into a different direction. More on that later.

I had dinner last night with some people I am just starting to get to know. The dinner was great and so was the company. There names are Steve and Jessica Thompson. They have three children - Spencer, Carter and Zoe. I have to admit - I do not think I have ever met anyone like them. You see there is a level of contentment in the home unlike I have ever seen. An even, steady stream of content. It is very refreshing. The kids are great!

So back to Becca. She is an awesome young lady. At 9, Becca is ready to take on the world. She brings a special presence about her. It is cool to watch her grow - not only watch but to influence that growth. Becca has taken on the violin this year. Her mother and I are musical people so it has been refreshing to see Becca pick up an instrument and show interest.

More later.

Acting like I know what I am doing,

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