Monday, December 15, 2003

This morning I was watching the Game Show Network with Adam Knoll. His is sick today and is home from school. After listening to him answer questions, I am reminded how not good I am at Jeopardy.

What a great day yesterday was. Awesome worship! Great message! Even time alone with God. That was interesting. The team decided to have a period of time where as a group we did nothing but focus on God. For me personally, it was awesome. (Can I use the word awesome twice in a paragraph?) I am sure there was mixed response from the rest of the group.

It is too bad that we do not take time out for time alone. When I was on staff at a previous church, we were required to take a once a month DAWG day. (Day Alone with God.) These some of the most meaningful times for me. I was "forced" to spend an extended time with God. I would encourage this. Take the time.

Meeting with the guys from Watermark today.....Always interesting.


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