Thursday, August 05, 2004

Coast Guard week is upon us

The time of the year where the city of Grand Haven is overrun by tourists. I understand that tourism is an important part of the economy here in the Haven, but it does not mean I like it.

What is does do is make me think. Think about all the individuals that are traveling here for rest and relaxation. People spending time with family and friends and enjoying our city & beaches. That is awesome.

I had an opportunity to spend some time with a friend last night. We were talking about things. I had mentioned some revelations that have recently hit me. Like what our speaker was talking about Sunday morning. He is so right on. We are so used to the experience of being at church. We are almost addicted to the worship experience. The early church was not addicted to church. They were believers because the tomb was empty.

I think there is real truth and revelation there. Our society is so "me" driven. We do most everything with "me" in mind. Yet, we do not deserve what God has offered us freely.

This came up because we were praying over our meal and I said, "Thank you, Lord, that the tomb is empty."


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