Tuesday, August 24, 2004

It is a strange feeling...

Getting ready to start another job. There is the weird couple weeks from the time you give notice until the departure date. Then there is the cleaning out of the office. That is weird too. Someone once told me - make your hellos long and your goodbyes short. There is some truth in that.

Needless to say, God is in control. How much control??? That is the eternal question. I have a habit of taking charge and running with the "ball". How out of control is that? Yet, He remains there; loving me and bringing back to the center point - where I am happiest and know I need to be.

Spent some time with the Johnson's last night. It is always good to touch base and be. Last nights conversation revolved around what's next? the job; the new place; new school year; new parenting schedule; finances; etc. Oy!

Had a great programming meeting with Gooch and Pot. I love Monday afternoons. It is a great talk of vision and creativity. I really enjoy that contribution. We have some really cool gathering times coming up.

Did you hear Watermark is launching a new service? Excitement abounds as news gets out. God just keeps reinventing Watermark; reshaping; reimagining. I love it. Can we all keep up that is the question?

One last question...where has the summer went? I cannot believe that Becca starts school VERY, VERY soon. She is growing up to fast. I was talking to Becca's mom the other day and reflecting on the last 10 years and how quickly it has gone. Unbelievable.

Well, that's my thoughts for the day.


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