Saturday, August 28, 2004

good morning

Hi all

it is 5:30 am on Saturday. I am in the tower. It is raining to beat the band. Being here is awesome. The lighting and thunder are huge. And the rainfall is deafening. Pretty darn cool. The emergency power came on and everything lit up like a Christmas tree.

I am working the late shift. Our shifts rotate around so no one person has to do the "graveyard" shift. I am ok with that as I would be the one harnested to this shift. Low person on the totem pole syndrome.

As I sit here, I wonder how big God is. Big enough to control everything in every time all the time. And yet small enough to have a personal relationship with me. How is that? I guess I will need to banter that one around with people smarter than me like Deur, Thompson, Kiwi or even my daughter.

Tomorrow is one of my nephew's birthdays. The theme for the party is pirates. I called him and asked if we needed to like or talk like pirates. He humored me and laughed. It will be a good time of meeting with family. I cannot wait.

Well that's all for now.


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