Friday, August 20, 2004

I have a new job

Yes it is with some regret I gave notice today at my current employer. I have been struggling with some issues for a while and I believe God has brought another job along for a purpose.

Before you all get really curious, I am going to be working as a bridge operator. Not just any bridge, but the bridge that spans the Grand River on US31 in Grand Haven. Yes, it is true. I have been already titled the Bridge Troll. Which also makes me low man on the troll pole. I trained for it and am now a certified bridge operator. I was speaking with a friend who commented that I am fulfilling a dream that most people have had since they were 9 years old. I am operating the bridge.

Pray for me. The bridge has a huge feeling of power to it. I stop traffic. I let boats thru. I could leave it open. It is a feeling of control I have never felt before. In all seriousness, it does provide some things that are lacking in my life. Like an opportunity to study or read. The time is not always that demanding while there. So there is some down time. That is good.

I am looking for another place to live. That is the next hurdle.

Nothing too much else at this point.

Out for now.
The Troll

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