Thursday, August 19, 2004


Hi all. Sorry for the delay in transmissions.

The Weekend. There are several items I think were great about the summit. Most all the speakers were great to hear. I wished I could have heard TD Jakes. I had to leave early and missed him, but I heard he had a lot to say.

My take away was on the practical sides of things. These were issues I have heard before in other applications. So there was nothing new to me. But good solid reminds about things. Like for example you are what you read. There is only so much time. Red the good books. Another was take a minimum of 30minutes a day to read. 10 minutes with periodicals. 20 minutes for good solid books. Excellent. I do not do enough of that. One other was motivation of people. The psychology of how people are wired. What buttons to push?

The best part to me was the time I spent with the team. Catching up and discussing the summit and how it was impacting our lives. There was a session where we got together and hammered somethings out. It was awesome to see how God was moving among us.

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