Saturday, March 05, 2005

Chicago where?

Hi all

We are north and west of Chicago this weekend. Great trip -- ended up seeing more of the country than i wanted too but...I follow the Yahoo maps to Matt's area. He said to me TWICE "take 94". I should have listened because the Yahoo map said to stay on 90. So instead of going to directly to Matt's, we ended up running way out of the way.

We are here to provide some technical assistance. It is always cool to meet with a church and provides some help. I love it. Anyway, Becca will hang with Aunt Heidi, Izzy and Libby this morning. While Matt and I will hang with the worship team. Can i say -- and i might be bias -- that Libby is one of the cutest babies around? And Izzy is so funny!! So far we are having a great time.

We will miss Watermark this weekend. Becca has already commented.

More later,

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