Wednesday, March 23, 2005


It is mid week. Busy day today.

Working on (2) major drawing sets this week. I pull together all the information for our installers in the form of blueprints. It busts my brain sometimes but good work none the less.

Meet with my business partners tonight. Lots to talk about. Although we are experiencing some good growth, i await the day it will be rockin along.

Becca's teacher conferences are next week. It is always good to hear how my daughter is doing. Here is a link to her favorite song right now: Forgive me later for it.

TIGGER REPORT: nothing new in the world of Tigger. The "training" is continuing of Becca, er um i mean Tigger. Becca has high hopes she can train this cat.

Watched American Idol last night. Why would anyone subject themselves to that? I don't know.

On with the day.....
Becca's dad.

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