Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blogging mad man


first months of not blogging....then two in two days???? how long can i keep this going?

Well, becca is going to the Jonas Brothers concert tonight here in OKC. She is going with my boss's wife and a troop of nieces and one nephew. Becca loves the Jonas Brothers. I hope she has a great time and i am thankful i am not going.

the weekend was great. We saw some great fireworks. We hung out with friends. Most of all it was just a great weekend to hang with my daughter.

If you don't have a wii, get one. It is addicting. I created my weemee the other day and have been playing the wii games. One of our favorites is cooking mama. it is a game where you have to make recipes and the game rates you on how well you do. Becca consistantly beats me at it. But that's ok. i can handle it.

One other game we picked up is Guitar Hero III. I was thinking that i would be pretty good at this because i am musically inclined. WOW was i wrong! you see it is not about music. it is about hitting the right buttons in the right sequence and frankly i suck. Becca is playing well on the medium and sometimes hard level. I cannot even make on the easy. that hurts!

Well, more in a couple days
Guitar not so much Hero

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