Sunday, July 06, 2008

what is goin' on?

Well here you have it

i have been spending time with my daughter, Becca. She arrived around father's day and is leaving july 17th. Becca will be a freshman starting in the fall at Grand Haven High School. Where has the time gone? i am so happy she is in Grand Haven. It is a good school district and it is where she started. I am pleased that her mom moved from Whitehall back to Grand Haven. It has been good from them all the way around.

Becca tried out for the Color Guard. She was the only freshman and there were 25 that tried out. Only 20 made the squad. this is very cool. Although she is very excited, i am not sure she really realizes how much work it will be. Well, one way or another she will find out. The Band is very busy until after Christmas. This will make connecting alittle move difficult but we will manage. The Band will travel to Disney this year; which will be a great experience for her. Anyway, she needs to be back on the 17th because they start practices and band camp.

Becca is doing great. i am proud of well she is doing.

Things at work are crazy. Good to be busy but this is crazy.

other than that, i think i have found a church i am going to hang in with for a while. it is good.

Catch ya later!
Becca's dad

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Roses said...

Wow! That was a good long stretch with Becca. I'm happy for you!

My 11-year-old starts band in the fall. He's the only male clarinette player. We think he might truly appreciate this choice a couple years from now. ;)