Friday, July 18, 2008

Guitar Hero III

Have u played?

One of the items we picked up while Becca was here was a Wii. Highly recommend it you have not purchased. It is alot of fun and it really funny to watch while others are playing.

One of the games is called Guitar Hero. Now, i thought i would be good. RIGHT! i suck. I keep trying to play like a real song instead of a game. I am more successful when i turn the sound off then with it on. but that defeats the purpose i guess.

needless to say, becca is getting quite good at the game and lets me know it.

Well, i am in the dumps having withdrawal on becca headed back to Michigan. The distance pains me. It was time for her to go back. Summer is ramping up to the school year as she is headed for band camp and Coast festival right around the corner.

Anyway it is hot here as summer is in Oklahoma. And work is busy which is a good thing

I am looking forward to this weekend. Kick off my shoes and relax.


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Steve said...

So what church are you plugging in to?

And I'm all for the baldness. It seems you're only a quarter inch off from that usually anyway.