Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Pic

Well with the new haircut, i thought it would be best to update my wee-mee pic. It is a closer reflection of me. Bald guy, with grey in the facial hair, on route 66, play a bass guitar. Enjoy!

On the weight loss trail, man it is hard. i don't mind saying so. the older i get the less motivated i am. but the weight must come off. Biggest problem: exercise. i need to do more and i hate it. I am not sure why i do but i do. anyway, i will keep u post on my progress. Just know i hate it.

Work: busy.

Becca: good. busy with myspace, color guard, band camp, keeping up with her friends, and getting ready for 9th grade.

Clark for now, out

1 comment:

roses said...

C-man, I've got those health issues that require me to exersize more too. I don't mind the work, but it's the time I lack.