Sunday, July 27, 2008

it is sunday

Good afternoon, fellow bloggers

BIG NEWS: i got a haircut. well more than that i guess. see below:

It is fricken hot here right now and decided to downgrade the hair to cool things off. Let me know what u think. I am undecided. If you know me, you know i can always grow hair. So i can grow it back if need be.

In other news, i am undecided about the upcoming election. I have always been conservative in my political view but not sure where i stand right now. I am sure i will become more informed as time goes on but i just do not at this point where i stand.

Things are ok here. Business is booming. I found a church i like and seems to fit my style. I have not fully engaged. Sidebar thought. I deal with churches all day long during the week. I get tired of the BS that is associate with it. It is few and far between a church that has it going on. So, i am enjoying not be active. I am sure i will round that corner and engage. It is not part of my DNA not too.

Well that is what is new. I am thinking of making my way back to west michigan around labor day. we will see. More on that later.



Roses said...

Dang, C!
If you'd have shown up this past weekend, I would not have recognized you!

And I'd probably have asked where you parked your Harley.

(Darin's shaved completely bald, too.)

Anonymous said...

Actually, nice look, Harley or Indian??

Your new church, is it LDS? From your language, it sounded a bit LDS. I am/was married to an LDS woman/family. I never joined but the language you used about your new church sounded very LDS.

Anyways, nothibg fa nothing ....