Thursday, April 08, 2004

Good afternoon,

Well, like all of my other friends, I was taken ill as well. This snot infested bug sucks. I have not blown my nose more in the last couple days.....

On an up note, my daughter is back in town this Friday. (sounds of crowds cheering) And her birthday is this weekend. She went to Florida with her mom and step-dad. They went on the Disney Cruise and then sent time at the magic kingdom. How do I compete with that you ask? I think this birthday a kitten will be purchased. I realize it is below the belt. But you have to take victories where you can. And a kitten for the b-day, will do just that.

So easter this weekend. A great gathering is planned. I am excited about it. It is really cool to see our blogging community grow. I love reading into others lives. Too much fun.

i'm sailing away..........

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