Friday, April 23, 2004

So this week's gathering will be about worship. I am excited about that. Don't miss it; it will be good.

At the being of the every, I always go thru a process of review. What good/bad things happened over the previous year? It is a good time of reflection and it helps me focus on the upcoming year. Around my birthday, I run thru the same process. Only it is longer period of time review. I look over previous journals, pray, talk to close friends to identify good/bad habits I am developing.

So that time is here again. It is usually difficult for me because the issues I feel God wants me to tackle are tough ones. No pain, no gain, right?

Why don't children come with owner's manuals? Or a video or CD series? As part of this process, I evaluate how I am doing as a father. This is why the manual would be handy. It is amazing how many new things I learn about my daughter. I was thinking of Deurty's revelation about his kids. He stated he cannot assume he knows his children without spending time communicating with them. This is so true! Amazing. I thank God for my daughter. She is a great kid. I just don't want to screw up with her. You know, I am not sure where this boat is floating. I guess I a=m trying to work out in mind own mind some things and I just needed to get it on paper. Thanks for reading.

All that to say, it is Friday; I am vertical, converting oxygen into carbon dioxide; and the weekend is here. Thank you Jesus. I did not have to travel to CA either. That little trip has been postponed.

More later

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