Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Well, I had made the statement I would update on the weekend later. It is much later and I am willing to comment. We had a great celebration Friday night. Lots of people over to the Johnson's house to celebrate the life of Lela. It was great. Great conversation; great worship music; great food; and pockets of prayer. That was awesome. Jeff took a few minutes and shared some things. It was a very pleasant time.

Saturday was great daughter time. She had a soccer game where they did very well. Then we hung out. Played some games; watched a movie. It was great one on one time.

Sunday, as you know, I overslept for the gathering. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am for doing that. I really miss it. The afternoon was spent cleaning and not doing much. Sunday evening - birthday celebration at the Johnson's and on to life group. Pretty lame group Sunday night; I don't mind saying. Hung out and had a great time.

Jeff and I had a camp fire Saturday night. Some great conversation and accountability for two guys trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. We felt the Spirit. I will fill in more details as time goes on - ministry, life, CFM that kinds of stuff.

for now, I am out

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