Thursday, April 22, 2004

I am looking for feedback. I have been hearing ALOT lately about being relevant. What does that mean or is this another "christian ease" thing?

In other news, I went with some friends to see Riverdance last night. Wow. What an experience. Leave it to the Irish to create dance where you can dance and not spill your beer. Sound was great. Lighting and effects awesome. Band was incredible. Media was right on. The crowd was lively and that impacts the performance.

I have been thinking. (whenever you read those words, be afraid. be very afraid) I found myself doing this last night. I have a hard time just sitting and enjoying a show. This spills into other parts of my life. Movies, tv, concerts, church. So where am I going? Performance worship, technical excellence and the spirit of God. I am sure there is a balance with all of these. I am trying to find a balance. Thoughts?

This weekend is a celebration of a girl's life. The Johnson's are having a gathering at their house celebrating the life of their daughter, Lela. It was a year ago Lela died. What a great kid. I have seen God be so real in this last 2 years with this girl, this family, and that couple. I have mixed emotions. Jeff and Kathy (the Johnsons) are wanting a very positive night. I cannot help to be sad though when I think about her.

Well, it is time to do some work.

I am out,

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