Friday, April 02, 2004

It is Friday. What more can I say about that?

On Wednesday, I said goodbye to my daughter for 10 days. She and her mom (and step dad) are going to Disney for spring break. It is difficult on my not seeing her regularly and I always struggle with this time away. I know that she needs time with mom and she is building great memories. It still does not negate the fact that I miss her tremendously. So I have been looking for places to hang out; occupy my time.

So Wednesday evening, Jeff (my buddy) called. He needed some help picking up some fence he is putting in his yard. So, I am game, and looking for things to do. We travel to Menards and do the "man" thing . Lots of grunting and oh/ahs and comments about tools. After we have loaded everything in the truck and Bucky, the security guard, tells us we can leave, we notice a lady who was trying to tie some stuff on her roof of her Jeep. I am sure there are liability reasons, but the Menards staff would not help her. So I rolled down my window and asked if we could help. Relieved, she said yes. In that brief encounter, we learned a lot about this lady, her family and a house that recently burned down. We were blown away with all this lady has been thru. After we finished, she could not thank us enough. Jeff and I left feeling great. After a few minutes, Jeff says to me, "Dude, we should have prayed with her." Reality sets in. A missed opportunity. Jeff and I ran the 90 yard race and ran it well. The problem is: it is a 100 yard race.

Look for the opportunity!

When the lights go down in the city,

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