Wednesday, September 01, 2004

School is back in session

I have been receiving several emails this week from people confessing this: we are so happy school is back in session. I do enjoy the school year. There is a routine to it and a schedule. There is a rhythm.

I hate what it does though. It takes up so much time during the work week. School and homework and extra not get me started. Becca's mom and I have be extremely conscience of the amount of time Becca spends outside the classroom. I am convinced she is a better person because we monitor it so heavily.

You may ask why is this coming up? Well, let me tell ya. Gooch gave me a new book to sink my teeth into. Not really; i don't chew on books. So far it is pretty good. The premise is changing up chaos for connected relationships. Now I have not gotten too far in yet - so don't quiz me Gooch - but what I have seen thus far looks great.

Take time; spend with the important ones in your life.

Uncle Carter

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