Sunday, October 17, 2004

2 gatherings day

WOW. What an awesome time today. We start 2 gatherings today. Very pleased with the turn out. It was great. Roach did a great job; the band sounded great; (it was good to see the rhythm master back in action-after the new baby and all); even though Deurty stuggled all week - it paid off!

Most of all, I had a great day with Becca. She was all geeked because she, her mom and stepdad carved pumpkins this weekend. Her mom found these really cool templates to carve by. So today, we did carmelled apples. That was fun. The Thompsons were the benefactors of that. It brought great joy to Becca to bring those over to their house.

Speaking of life groups, Gooch's parents were in from the east side. I am enjoying getting to know them. They are rich with stories. I cannot wait to hear more "Gooch" related stories. Anyway, we played Rook with them and the Johnsons. That was fun. Great time of conversation and food.

I am thinking about dedicating my new home. It is a concern of mine to really pray over the place where Becca and I will hang out hat.

Well, tomorrow is another day and an exciting week ahead.


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