Monday, October 11, 2004

Programming day

Well, another great day! We have such a great programming team. IT is always great to hear what they are thinking! We had several missing today. You know who you are....we missing you!!!

We had a great gathering yesterday. Other than a couple technical issues, we had a great birthday party.

Did I mention I love my life group? My life group is great. I got in trouble last night for not incorporating them into my move. Now, let me say. I really appreciate that. I should have relied on them more. Which just brings an interesting point. I do have a problem with that. I can respond to people. But asking for help and relying on people is very difficult for me. I will have to get back to you on that. But, they are great because they support and love and pray and help and and them I say thank you for not giving up on me!

Tonight, my daughter, Becca, is joining Moto. Moto is our church's 5th thru 8th grade student ministry. I had great conversation about this with Becca's mom. She is so supportive of this and so am I. Sarah and I have been committed to several things. School, church, extra curricular activities. We discuss them and evaluate them. This has made for a well rounded experience for Becca. We are also committed to family time.

Communciation is the key. Putting the child's interest ahead of our own. It has been hard work. It should be hard work to raise a family.

Anyway, gotta go get the Boo. She needs to get her homework done before she can go.

Becca's dad

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