Tuesday, October 12, 2004

the move is nearly complete

WOW. what a weekend...

I finished making the necessary phone calls to get all things set up at our new duplex. It seems as if it is never ending. But it is coming to a close.

Have I mentioned how much I hate technical difficulties? Yesterday was a great gathering except for technical things that went haywire. Three things in particular. 1. our first flash did not work. Don't know why but the colors were all inverted so you could not see what was happening. 2. DVD shut down. We shut one of the DVD's off too soon. AARRGGHH! and 3. The last video was turned on too soon. That was a calling error on my part. AAHHHH!!!! I hate it. I hate because it always causes people to get ripped out worship. As one of the guys said yesterday - the errors made it feel like we were stuttering along. We will get better.

Becca had a great time at Moto last night. Moto is our 5th - 8th grade student ministry. Let me tell you how old it makes me feel.

Well, I need to get back to work.

From the tower looking high over the Grand River,

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