Friday, October 15, 2004


It was busy yesterday.

Morning: Went to Holland to meet with a gentlemen to discuss some work. I missed a group meeting w/N8 and Jayz. Suck. I received some "positive" feedback over that.

Lunch: D&W and Jeff Johnson. Beat into the floor. Felt great.

Afternoon: Worked at home. boxes and stuff. But the cable is hooked up. No phone yet which sucks.

Dinner: Nothing special there.

evening: 1st accountibility group meeting at my house - Gooch and Jeff. I live for these conversations. We really dig into it. It is great to connect with these guys, hear whats going on and pray.

Last night: work.

That was a packed day. Now I am headed into GH to take care of business.

Out for a while

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