Wednesday, November 10, 2004

it has been a week

since my last blog. And even longer since something of substance.

I have commented earlier that I have been struggling. I have a thing about authority. I have had it for a long time and have learned to deal with it. Therefore, when i feel like God is moving, it usually causes me to rebel. That is my issue. Now it does not happen often; but when it does it takes me a little time to work it out.

What I am discovering is on multiple levels. How important prayer is. How important worship is. How important obedience is. How important serving is. I was in GR last night for a meeting and i was reminded again that there are homeless people in the world. Today, I was watching a commercial bringing attention to the fact that this next week is national homeless week. It makes me ashamed that we need a national campaign to draw attention to the homeless.

As I listened to Thompson last week and Deur this week, i am reminded of the passion for the lost. Deur was right on this week. Being the church is much more than a slogan. it has to be imbedded in our lives. I want to be moved to change.

On the path,

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