Saturday, November 27, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Hi all

sorry to all of you who have faithfully checked my blog. I will certainly be more attentive. Gooch once told me, (as the Blog-Master) if you do not blog a few times a is not worth it. Now I am not sure I subscribe to that but I will be more intentional about it.

Wow! what a great couple of weeks. Here we go .... the week and 1/2 in review:

MOTO: Becca is loving Moto. I cannot tell you how much she is loving it. I cannot put a finger on it. Whether it is something she is doing herself or what. But she sure loves it. Becca has been a force inviting people. I am afraid I am going to need reinforcements to get all the kids she is inviting. THAT IS A GREAT PROBLEM TO HAVE. It is humbling in a way. She is being the church and I love it. I had mentioned at Core Focus last week that Becca's mom and I have had some conversation about it. That is cool too. Sarah (Becca's mom) is very supportive. In fact, there is a Moto get together that Sarah has already signed up Becca for and Becca is geeked! I love my family and the communication we enjoy. It saddens periodically that the marriage did not survive; but I am glad that we have made the best of it. Sidebar: again, i have a great set of in-laws; which I hugely appreciate. You know who you are and I love you! I feel closer to them than my own family.

CORE FOCUS: Speaking of Core focus, we had a going away/appreciation time for Roach and Mrs. Roach. Man, it was so cool to see the body surround these two servants and love them. Some funny some serious but all awesome. An image that will be in my mind again has to do with the kids. At one point, Deur had invited all the kids to come up and say something to the DeRoches. Wow. Little children come unto me....power. But one moment will be there forever. Right at the end of the "kid time", Ryder Smith decided to give Roach a hug. I started to get emotional on a few levels. Ryder not afraid to love and express love. His heart shown in the act. Roach receiving it. The size difference. It was a cool moment. It makes me think of how much God loves us and how really small we must be. And yet, he pursues us. wow. So to Jason and Judy, I am on your team. I am praying for you and know God will continue to bless you and all you do.

Well i need to finish this later.

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