Tuesday, November 30, 2004

i'm a lumberjack and i'm ok.

well not really. i like to burn wood.

Last night was great. I had 3 giggling, screaming 10 year old girls in my car last night. It is cool. I am proud of Becca for inviting people to MOTO. You know I have often said Becca has her mom's looks and dad's personality. I am discovering that God is developing in her a unique person. It is awesome to see it unfold. When I picked them up, i noticed Becca was not looking good. Apparently, there was some activities that involved eating onions and whip cream. Need i say more.

I have some close friends who are really struggling right now. The wife's dad died recently and this is the first holiday. I am going there tonight to hang out with them. I really think they are close to coming to a gathering; which will be cool. They are catholic and have never been to another church other than a catholic church. I am wondering what kind of shock will happen when they do come. I have another friend who is struggling with some medical stuff. And another family who is in transition with children going to college and family stuff.

I am always amazed how God brings people in and out of our lives. He allows us to be his tools and instruments. I am amazed how he pursues us and wants to be in relationship with us.

When I was in sales, i can remember juggling multiple clients -- up to 50 or 60 -- and how out of control i felt. I would us Outlook to keep track of calls and appointments emails yada yada. I can remember thinking how am I ever going to get control. There is some truth there. I am not sure if i am done digging that out.

Sidebar--Fox has some of the dumbest shows and commericals i have ever seen. Right now in the tower there is not much to do. So there is a TV. The only station that comes in clear is Fox. AARRGGHGHHH!

I do think we should do more 80's music.


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