Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Four more years!

Well, the nation speaks and Kerry calls "W". I hope all of you reading this took the time to vote. It is a honor to do so.

It was a beautiful day in West Michigan. I am not sure how many more we will have before snow flies. Needless to say, i spoke to the Boo today and she is feeling better. I am happy about that. It disturbs me greatly when she is ill. Helpless....

Jeff and I hung out last night. We agreed that God is stretching me right now. Let me explain. I have had a "sucky" attitude lately. I was telling my accountibility homies (jeff & gooch) that I have been mad at the world lately. It is my nature to rebel. Anyway, I know God is breaking me for a reason. To listen and obey is a tough thing for me.

It will be good to see Deur again. I miss the guy. (in a heterosexual way). God is showing Steve some great things. I cannot wait. If fact, we have rearranged some things for Sunday in anticipation.

Can't wait.

bridge operator.

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