Sunday, November 14, 2004

the week in review

the week was good on some fronts.

Programming meeting: i love the new Watermark offices. Thank you, Jesus. Gooch gave me the tour last week. The important stuff - pop, water and snacks. Heh heh heh. Really though, the offices are really nice. It is a quiet environment to do what we do.

Parent/teacher conferences. Yes, the 1st marking period is over. And it is time to meet with the teacher. Another great conversation. Becca is doing well in school and is enjoying herself as well. I pray that we can keep that drive alive in her.

Accountibility - yes, this was a week to get together with Gooch and Jeff. We end up wrestling with each other. And that is always good. We had an addition this week. A friend who is struggling with some things. God proves himself so real in those times. We talked and prayed. It was awesome.

Bible triad - hey, N8 & Jay opened there bible triad up and invited me. We talked about what it would look like and that was cool. We read a chapter of the bible and make notes. Then we get together weekly to discuss. It should be great. In addition, we met at a restuarant in Spring Lake. A whole group of Spring Lake Wesleyan people were there. It was good to laugh for a minute with them and reconnect.

Saturday a great day with Becca. She is cool to hang with. I am enjoying the relationship she and I have. I thank God for it.

Well, it is Sunday. I have worked all night and I am playing this morning. I will go home; take a shower and try to do my best. Should be interesting.

I found out some disturbing information this morning. I need prayer on. It came thru in an email and I need to process it thru - with God's help. Pray for me.


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