Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween is over

Too much left over candy. Then Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I hate the holidays.

I listened to Steve Thompson's message on Scarcity this weekend. Some awesome stuff there. We upload all of our messages to It is great to hear the sermon so quickly.

Well, I am home today. Becca has strep (?) throat. Actually, this was a crummy weekend. Trick or treating was Saturday evening. About halfway thru, the wind kicked up and it started raining. Which is probably why Becca is sick. We went back to the Cary's to divide and conquer the candy. Sorted and examined and traded with the other kids. Becca still hasn't eaten much candy.

So, the gathering was out of the picture. And so was life group.

This morning was spent at the doctor's office and getting a precription. I wish I would have taken stock out in the "pink" drug. I would be rich today.

So I am caring for my daughter today. I like it even though I do not feel like I am getting anything done.

That's all for now.


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