Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Let it snow; let it snow; let it snow

Hey. I woke up this morning to a gentle snow storm going on. The woods around my place are beautiful when it snows. As I have said before, I am just thankful that it held off until after 12/15.

I went shopping yesterday. Aarrghh! That was an experience. Becca went to a friend's house so i took the time to shop. I try not to "cop" an attitude this time of the year. But it is easy to do. Huge amounts of money being spent. More time running around looking for the "right" gifts. Then there are the people EVERYWHERE. Some are in the same boat i am. Running around looking for the right gifts. Others have had enough and are just trying to get home and a little rude in the process. Needless to say, why do we celebrate Christmas again?

Making sure Christ stays in Christmas. That is a challenge. I mentioned this eariler but I am glad Becca is hanging out. She helps the mode.

Speaking of the Boo, she is trying to train her cat to do tricks. She is convinced he is making progress. She is trying to get him to come when called and sit in front of her. For this he gets a treat. I am not sure who is training who. More on that later.

Becca's mom is out on a little vacation in mucho warm weather. I only bring this up for two reasons. I am envious. And 2, we tried calling internationally to their resort they are staying at. ok. On top of all this Christmas stuff, I now have to figure out how to call internationally. That is not a big -- if you have all the digits to the phone number. It seems that 3 digits were omitted from the phone number we received. That is ok. I am resourceful right? I jump on the net; looking up the resort; write down the number. YEAH! ready to go. So I call. I get a voice mail system in spanish. Now, if I have Ross or Adam Knoll here that would not be a problem. But they were unavailable. At the end of the list, a message -- for english, press 10. YEAH. Then I had to listen to the list again -- in english. Finally, i get to a person. Only, there is no press 10 option. She was trying to be so helpful but we could not connect. So, after all that -- did not talk to mom and i have a larger phone bill.

Wow. am I really whining?

Anyway, gotta go make some breakfast. Bacon, "dripping" eggs, toast, and potatoes.

Enjoy the season.

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