Tuesday, December 07, 2004

the countdown is on!

it is true. the bridge closes for 3 months during the year. From 12/15 - 3/15, the bridge operation is down. This means a "3 month" "vacation" for me. Unemployment here I come.

Becca is down for the count. She has some sort of virus. I received the call yesterday morning. I called Becca's mom for a 2nd opinion. Two phone calls later I was headed for the doctor. This is not one of Becca's favorite things to do. This is how I know Becca i serious about illness. I think she would almost do anything else except the doctor. Anyway, she is home with dr. mom today and is doing ok.

I am thinking of taking some classes during the "vacation". We will see if finances permit. I would like to have something under my belt for the DBMD review coming up in about 5 months.

The Christmas holiday is coming up. Ready? I am not. Becca and I will be setting up our tree this weekend. that is always fun. After the 15th, i will probaly go see my folks. That will be interesting.

Well, i am still feeling the effects of the Roach being gone. Viva Roach!

You are the wind beneath my wings,

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