Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

I await the arrival of the Boo! I have not spoke to her today yet but i can almost predict what happened this morning. I am sure her mom is loving every minute of it.

Events of the day: well, after gift giving we will have lunch and goof around for the afternoon. alittle Playstation action and then it is off to Becca's aunts and uncle (miss you Furr's) for Christmas dinner. It will be an interesting dinner. It always is. Lots of people; the Cary boys being the Cary boys. Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. Then we will come home; somehow recoop from the day and rest for the evening.

All that to say: May prayer is that Christ stays in Christmas and that you are all having a great one!

With that said,

Becca's Dad and Tigger's owner

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