Wednesday, December 15, 2004

One more shift down.

***This blog has been edited, because i may have stepped over the line. to that individual i apologize.

Hey. Tomorrow the bridge operation closes for the season. So the closed down process has started. I will be the last one in the tower. So i get the finish the process tomorrow.

Man, did we have a great life group Sunday evening. We all gave good input. Anyway, we really discussed some great issues. It was good.

Not that i am not looking forward to the 19th, the gathering on the 26th is going to be good. Don't miss it!

All is good. Christmas shopping yet to do. Becca is dropping all kinds of hints. I am excited because I will be having her for an extended time over the next couple weeks. Becca's mom and step dad are headed out of town on a trip and i get the daughter. That is cool. Lots of one on one time.

Well, more later.

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