Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve

what are you doing tonight? i hope you are spending well desired downtime with your families and friends.

i am finalizing details for tomorrow. finish wrapping up gifts. Watch the cat try to open them.

Becca arrives tomorrow at 11:00 am. after a week of her mom out of town, she was ready to see her again. ah a mother/daughter relationship. refreshing.

Can i be honest here? at the risk of being considered a Scrooge, i really hate this time of the year. And there is a multitude of reasons. One is that the holiday is more about the gift giving than anything. I honestly wish i would hibernate from yesterday until new years. it has not always been that way. There was the juggle of in law family and biological family and our own Christmas. Every family struggles with it. i am not sure the solution.

Anyway, enough. I hope that your Christmas celebrations are awesome! Filled with great time with family, friends and the Lord.


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