Thursday, December 09, 2004


Wisdom from Hank Hill - "that is the great thing about dying -- either you do or don't."

This weekend Becca goes to her first youth sponsed overnight event -- which we call an advance not a retreat. Sometimes i think i need a glossary to keep up. I am so excited for her. But this is one of many moments where i realize that she is growing up. I was speaking with her mom the other day and we were just amazed how many corners she has rounded in the last year. We are so blessed.

Our series is Christmas brings .... hope, family, new life, and worship. One of the pieces i am most excited about is the "family stories". Last week we heard an awesome story of hope. I love to hear stories like that. Check out recording online at Well, don't look yet as I have not uploaded it. This week we are going to hear a story of family. It will be great too.

I am struggling with this scarcity issue. It has haunted me since hearing Thompson talk about it and Deur following up. It is not so much that they talked about it -- as i have been struggling with it for a long time. After all, i earned it. I should be able to decided how it is spent. Right? Unfortunately, that is not God's plan. We are suppose to be money managers for him. that's how it works.

You know i am really not sure how this plays out only it is something i am working thru. Notice I did not say wrestling with -- don't want to give you the wrong idea.

That's it for now.

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