Monday, February 23, 2004

This weekend in general was great. Weather was a little warmer, spent a great Saturday afternoon and evening with some good friends. And I think our worship team was on fire this week. The flow of the service, the message, the worship, the drama -- EXCELLENT. Then, to top it off, we had a great life group Sunday night. Only bad thing -- NO ALIAS. I am not sure what is happening there. There was a time you could count on a show running for x amount of weeks straight. No ALIAS. They are on; then reruns then not on. YIKES!

We are discussing a John Ortberg book -- Everyone's Normal until you get to know them -- in my life group. Last night was particularly interesting. We were reviewing chapter three -- the fellowship of the mat. Read the book. But here is an excerpt that spoke to me.

There is no ideal community. Community is made up of people with all their richness, but also with their weakness and poverty, of people who accept and forgive each other, who are vulnerable with each other. Humility and trust are more at the foundation of community than perfection.

I am still digesting that. I am reminded of my trip to NYC. There are many people out there hurting, alone and need some acceptance.

Looking for acceptance,
c squared.

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