Sunday, February 29, 2004

This weekend marks the beginning of a spring indoor soccer for my daughter. This is the same team she played with indoor and outdoor in the fall. It is always interesting to watch girls sports at this level - 9-10 year olds. A butterfly can disrupt the entire game.

Now I only mention this because the individuals played well. But the team still lost 12-1. I recently saw the movie Miracle. In the movie, the head coach makes a statement about how teams lose because they rely on individual talent as oppose to the strength of the team. I am thinking there is truth here somewhere.

One of the things I have been revisiting is the necessity of spending time with others. Or as a great friend would say, intentionally living life together. I am convinced that the strength of a group is found in the synergy created or chemistry of the group. The main ingredient being the Holy Spirit. As we invite Christ in to our activities, the more He blesses and participates.

because we need to know,

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