Sunday, February 15, 2004

Today has been a great day. In fact, this morning was good. I took a needed nap. Just had a great dinner with some dear friends. And now I am waiting for my life group to get together.

It was great to see this family. They had stuck by me through some incredible times. Anyway, the reason my I mention it is because one of the older children was here. He and his new bride were in. They have moved back into the Grand Haven area. Again, I could go into a lot more detail. When I first met this child, he was anti church anti God and the whole concept. When the family would gather to pray over a meal, he would sit there without even closing his eyes. In fact, he verbal would say he did not want anything to do with.

Well, today, this guy and wife attended the same church as the parents. This is so cool because I know the journey this family has went thru and the kids came to this realization on their own.

My point is simple. Relationships are the key to seeing people come to know Christ. We are the tangible example of how people see Christ. The mom and dad could have beat these kids over the head with the bible and chose to love the into coming to church. That to me is exciting.

The encouragement we must take from a story like it is simple. Being an example is a full time job.


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