Sunday, February 15, 2004

At the risk of blogging too much in one day, I am.

The sermon was extremely relevant today. It was on the subject of forgiveness. Family, self, God -- forgiveness from all sides. I have been on a change of focus journey. I accepted Christ just before my 17th birthday. Since then, I have been floating in and out of the legalistic side of religion. I attended a four liberal arts Christian college. Holy cow! That was a mouthful. I learned at an early age what the organized church is all about.

Foot note: I am not saying that the organized church is wrong.

I have found that focusing too much on the legalistic side of things can be counterproductive. In fact, I got caught up in it and it actually hurt my relationship with the Lord.

All this to say, I am finding that this journey freeing for me. I am finding that I am growing at a faster rate.

More on this.
Gotta go to my life group - intentionally.

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