Tuesday, March 30, 2004

What a beautiful day! I wish I was not working. (Except if my boss is reading this -- then I am happy to be here and would not have it any other way). I have spring fever really bad.

Tonight is parent/teacher conferences. The time of the year where we "evaluate" how our children are doing in school. I am confident that it will go well.

Well, I did not get my brakes replaced this weekend. Cars suck. The worst investment ever. I just hate taking the time or paying the money to have them repair. Yes, I have issues on this - Thompson - it sucks.

Gathering was great on Sunday. Seeing more new faces is great for me. Either we are seeing growth or I have a really bad memory.

Tuesday things to say:

7. To my life group - I do not have anything to hide.
6. D'trel-thanks for adding me to your blog.
5. Ward - thanks for being great friend.
4. Thompson - update your blog. I don't want to see JOHN LANE.
3. N8 - looking forward to taking classes.
2. Deurty - you truly are the man. Mrs. Deurty - I am glad you put up with him!
1. Jeff - God's grace is all sufficient.

That's it for now.

domenomegoto Mr. Roboto,
Becca's dad

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