Monday, June 07, 2004

OK OK it has been a while

I realize it has been a while. I apologize. It is not as if I have not had anything going on. Here is the sum up.

Monday - Memorial Day - grill, grill, grill
Tuesday - sick day - massive headache action. I get those once in a while and it sucks beyond.
Wednesday - Back at the office. Try to un-bury my desk for all the stuff I did not get done the day before and of course pick up my daughter and have fun.
Thursday - serving - I spent the day at in muskegon helping set up for a benefit concert. Great guys to hang out with. IT WAS FUN! I understand the concert went off without a hitch - Thank you Jesus. Thursday evening spent with some good friends Becca and I had not seen in a while. Great time was had by all.
Friday - Spent the day in Chicago on business and returned in the same day. Tired, yes, but well worth it. Then Friday evening - went to see Harry Potter 3 with the whole clan. Good movie; interesting photography - they changed photography directors and you can tell.
Saturday - WOW. Had a typical Saturday morning. Becca is allowed to order me around - food, games whatever. Then we spent the afternoon at Johnson's house serving. Their Oldest son, Adam, had his graduation party. Lots of laughs; holy cow lots of food and lots of people. The time was well spent with them and we enjoyed ourselves. Especially the baked beans. Toot toot the magic fruit....... This evening ended of course with a fire.
Sunday - gathering day - Jeff spoke and the gooch lead worship. Shout out to Mike Morgan who is traveling the globe right now serving. Way to go Mike. Steve T. came down with so weird creepy crud; but did an excellent job leading the band and leading us in worship - inspite of the #2 keyboard player who will remain name less. Jeff did an awesome job. The journey that man has been with God is amazing. Thanks Jeff for a glimpse into your life.

So here I am again at the end of a blog. Wondering how the day going to end up. My daughter leaves this weekend for 4 weeks. I am happy she is taking the trip - because her mom can - but I will miss her bad while she is gone. I am sure blogging activity will be increase as I will be looking for things to do.

Well, need to get busy. My desk is bowing under the weight of stuff on top of it.