Friday, May 28, 2004

3 day weekend

IT IS HERE!!!! Why is it we look forward to long weekends? Do we feel we are sticking it to the man? Is it like a "free" day? A get out of jail free card?

With all that said, I am really looking forward to the weekend. NOTHING PLANNED. Except GRILLING, having fun, maybe trip to beach (depending on weather). I purchase my state park sticker the other day. $24 bucks! Worth it for sure....

I am excited because some of the wrestling with God is paying off. I can see some clearer direction forming on the horizon. I AM EXCITED about that. More later.

It is pretty quiet at work today. Several people gone; makes it like a ghost town. But we will start dancing on the tables with loud music and singing this afternoon. And lets not forget the Tostitos and salsa.

Have a great and safe weekend!

Out like a light,