Friday, May 07, 2004

I received a harassing email today. I apparently have not blogged enough.

What a week. Yes, my birthday was this week. I fully expected more cards than I received - (2) to be exact - but I guess that is the way it is. My parents did not even send me a card. In fact, I talked to my dad on my b-day and he forgot. I received a call this morning wishing me a happy birthday from him. Better late than never I guess. I did receive two phone calls. Shout out to the Thompson family and Theresa V. for their efforts in making my birthday a little better. I really appreciated it! A special shout out to Jessica T. for the awesome cake - even though she did not think so. (I am single. Home made food of any type ROCKS!!!) I spent my b-day in the back of a car traveling to Indianapolis. As exciting as that sounds, it was not. Now don't get me wrong. The individuals I was with are great. We had great conversation; I napped a few times. To clarify, we needed to meet with some customers. So off we went. It is just difficult spending the day of my birth traveling. I am done whining.

Thursday night was spent getting a hair cut for the Becca. I don't know. But it seems that it is becoming more of a production to get the hair actually cut. There is the washing and drying; highlighting and trimming and styling and blah blah blah. She is worth it. Am I whining again?

CAMPFIRE THIS WEEKEND! Can't wait. If it does not happen at Johnson's, I am going to have a campfire some where. Watch you local news for updates.....

Tonight - low key. Games and ice cream.

Nothing spiritual today - except man it is a beautiful day here in west michigan.


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